Sonntag, 9. Juli 2017

Harry Graham (37)

Ein verdrehtes Sprichwort-Gedicht aus "Perverted Proverbs. A Manual of Immorals for the Many" (1903):
Harry Graham: »Learn to Take Things Easily.«
To these few words, it seems to me,  
   A wealth of sound instruction clings;  
O learn to take things easily— 
   Espeshly other people's things;  
And time will make your fingers deft  
At what is known as petty theft.
Your precious moments do not waste;  
   Take ev'rything that isn't tied!  
Who knows but you may have a taste,  
   A gift perhaps, for homicide,—  
(A mania which, encouraged, thrives 
On taking other people's lives).
»Fools and Their Money soon must part!«
   And you can help this on, may be, 
 If, in the kindness of your heart,  
   You learn to take things easily; 
And be, with little education,  
A prince of misappropriation.

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