Sonntag, 7. Mai 2017

Harry Graham (28)

Aus »Baby's Baedeker«:
Harry Graham: France

The natives here remark »Mon Dieu!« 
   »Que voulez-vous?« »Comment ça va?« 
»Sapristi! Par exemple! Un peu!«
   »Tiens donc! Mais qu'est-ce que c'est que ça?«
They shave one portion of their dogs,  
And live exclusively on frogs.
They get excited very quick,  
   And crowds will gather before long  
If you should stand and wave your stick  
   And shout, »À bas le Presidong!« 
Still more amusing would it be  
To say, »Conspuez la Patrie!«
The French are so polite, you know, 
   They take their hats off very well,  
And, should they tread upon your toe, 
   Remark, »Pardon, Mademoiselle!« 
And you would gladly bear the pain  
To see them make that bow again.
Their ladies too have got a way 
    Which even curates can't resist;  
'Twould make an Alderman feel gay  
   Or soothe a yellow journalist;  
And then the things they say are so  
Extremely—well, in fact,—you know!
The closest scrutiny can find  
No morals here of any kind.

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